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Air Force SealFreedom of Information Act (FOIA) Annual Reports

This page has been created to make the Air Force's annual FOIA reports available at "a single electronic access point," beginning with the reports for fiscal year 2003.

FOIA Annual Report - FY20 (PDF 1037 KB) 

FOIA Annual Report - FY19 (PDF 124 KB) 

FOIA Annual Report - FY18 (PDF 434 KB)

FOIA Annual Report - FY17 (PDF 291 KB)

FOIA Annual Report - FY16 (PDF 333 KB)

FOIA Annual Report - FY15 (PDF 69 KB)

FOIA Annual Report - FY14 (PDF 617 KB)

FOIA Annual Report - FY13 (PDF 1014.01 KB)

FOIA Annual Report - FY12 (PDF 817 KB)

FOIA Annual Report - FY11 (PDF 919 KB)

FOIA Annual Report - FY10 (PDF 1.14 MB)


Submitting a Request

To submit a FOIA request online "CLICK HERE"

If you do not know, or unsure about, the location of the information you are seeking, please see our AF FOIA Records Service Centers page.

You may also send your questions to Air Force FOIA Public Liaison Office for assistance at

Refer to the FOIA handbook for more information on submitting FOIA requests.

Public Liaison

If dissatisfied with the service received from the Requester Service Center, you may contact the Air Force FOIA Public Liaison Officer, Mr. Robert E. Bivins, for assistance at or (703) 614-8500.   
(Please do not send FOIA requests to this office.)