All USAF Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Offices will be minimally manned, or closed, due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). We anticipate delays in processing your FOIA request during this time. Thank you for your patience.
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The Air Force Installation Mission Support Center AFIMSC will process FOIA Request for the following HQ MAJCOMs:  HQ/ACC, HQ/AETC, HQ/AFMC, HQ/USSF, HQ/AFGSC, HQ/AMC, HQ/USAFE, HQ/PACAF, and AFDW. 

To submit requests for the HQ MAJCOMs listed above, Click here and select the respective MAJCOM as your Requester Service Center.

Mailing Address:
2261 Hughes Ave Ste. 133
JBSA Lackland, TX 78236-9853

PHONE:  (210) 395-0995
FAX:  (210) 395-8358

Public Liaison

If dissatisfied with the service received from the Requester Service Center, you may contact the Air Force FOIA Public Liaison Officer, Ms Anh Trinh, for assistance at or (703) 614-8500.   
(Please do not send FOIA request to this office)